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Fri 31/01/2014 - 17:03 EST

Best Country Jerseys Brazil 2014

The FIFA World Cup is a spectacle unlike any other sporting event in the world. Every four years futbol’s best descend on the host country and play “The Beautiful Game” with national pride on the line. While the performance is a big part of the beauty, the national jerseys each team will sport have themselves become iconic with the FIFA World Cup. National jerseys are worn by people across the globe, and it’s a quick way to show which country you back, for years to come.

Not All National Jerseys Are Created Equal

Some countries rarely change or modify their jerseys, so we are left with a rather amateurish look. Some nations, however, really make their jerseys into masterpieces.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best 2014 FIFA World Cup national jerseys:

Italy – Anyone surprised that the Italians have the best jersey? Puma has created an Italian team national jersey that would look just as fitting on the runway as on the pitch. Subtle changes and a snugger fit over the 2010 World Cup jersey make this our highest-ranked jersey. The Italian flag on the collar and arms, combined with the white stripe and Italia logo on the front just scream European cool. Che bello!

Japan – The Japanese national jersey is a showcase in how adding one little detail can make something extraordinary. Adidas added a series of background stripes, emanating from the national logo, which not only harkens back to the Japanese traditional imagery of the “rising sun” but also makes the logo, and therefore the nation, stand out as the star.

Belgium – Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but newcomer to the scene Burrda has created, in our opinion, a powerhouse of a national jersey for the Belgian national team. The horizontal ‘swish” is nice, as are the color placements, but how freaking cool is that embedded logo across the stomach? Some countries can’t decide whether they should go modern or traditional – Belgium decided to go both, and it looks awesome.

France – Much like Italy, it’s little wonder that the French made a beautiful jersey for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Bucking the trend of many other nations, they stripped it down however to its bare essentials – a very simple, form fitting jersey, side chevrons and a front with the Nike logo, the French “le coque” and a white collar. That’s it. Simple, sweet and classy.

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